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Headai joins this year's EEX Journey development program

EEX Journey brings an experienced advisory board to strengthen the Headai's strategic operations

Headai has entered a one-year long EEX Journey development program, where an external advisory board built from leaders of global companies will bring strategic out-of-the-box thinking to boost Headai's growth efforts. In addition to Headai, there are four other startups in the program – Kelluu, DroppX, Seppo, and No No No. In return, the advisors will get a chance to grow as leaders and develop competencies and a startup-mindset needed for renewal and collaboration.

"The Advisors are super motivated to help and develop themselves which bodes well for their large companies.”, says Tapio Peltonen, CEO & Founder of EEX.

Anu Passi-Rauste, Head Of Business Development, comments:

"EEX Journey provides strategic advice and coaching for Headai to see what we can't see in order to remove obstacles to growth.”

Here's the introduction of the advisory board from EEX:

  1. Teemu Lang – An innovative CDO and an outside-the-box-thinker from Papula-Nevinpat. Proven track record in building successful teams from scratch.

  2. Ville Pesonen – A high energy sales and marketing professional from Kerava with a diverse background. Working in Gasum towards a carbon-neutral future. Asking “why” a lot.

  3. Maija Pursiainen – Leading European Elevator Platforms in KONE with broad experience in product development. Special talent: views issues from the bigger picture before jumping into details. Native design thinker.

  4. Peter Lindgren – An experienced VP with a rock-solid ABB background. Global business is Peter’s cup of tea. A collaborator who loves to challenge himself. Follow HeadaiJoin our newsletter and download the latest whitepaper

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