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Automatize the data flows for futureproofing your human capital. No system integrations, just open interfaces.

Automating the analysis of human capital

Headai helps to predict future skill needs and futureproof the skills ecosystem: companies, organizations, and individuals. To maximize the value of the skills data, it must be made interoperable which enables simulating it with other skills data, building scorecards for future skills development, and boosting futureproof development. Map your human capital, build KPIs on qualitative data, start data-driven development, and futureproof your actions.

Mapping is the first step

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Digital Twin – Revealing concepts and the context

The mind maps are fundamental elements to build AI solutions.

Understanding the relations

Headai algorithms are trained on understanding text: words, meanings and context. By feeding the machine with textual data it starts to understand connections, overlaps and gaps.

Interoperable & Machine-readable

The mind maps are machine-readable (JSON) and can be integrated and visualized in your existing business intelligence tools.

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Predictive analysis for futureproofing. See how the future looks like –  Get insights from the labor markets and governmental, professional and academic trends based on big data. Prepare for the future needs in Human Capital.


Revealing the paths for development. Receive recommendations of how to develop. Compare your employees’ capabilities and skills profiles to the organization map. Skills gap analysis allows understanding what type of copetencies are missing.


Measure the performance against internal KPIs or external indicators (e.g., Sustainable Developments Goals), we can compare your human capital map to your KPIs map, or e.g. to the SDG map. This can provide you with the elements for your strategic planning.


Semantic Similarity

Measure against multiple. Measure dataset to multiple and find the best fit and recommendations. Semantic Similarity measures how close the datasets are and makes matches visible.


data sources

  • Curriculums from education institutes
    and online learning providers

  • 300K courses

  • 2 M books

  • 10M digital content objects

  • Job descriptions 25 M, selected locations all over the world

  • Scientific articles 30M

    • Ie. DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)

  • 100k Investments data in EU, Finland, Sweden

  • News & blogs 2,5 M, sources include:

    • EN: BBC, CNN, New York Times, Leads, Medical, YLE

    • Various newspapers in Finland, Sweden & Estonia

Our selections of data is constantly growing.
Ask about including your public data source as part of the analysis.

Automated text analytics for insights on sustainability


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call for action in the form of 17 goals, set and agreed upon by the United Nations in 2015.

Our tool matches key concepts in the UN SDG documents with key concepts in the documents provided by the client (specific report or a compilation of several documents). This provides a quick insight on what themes are included and what might be missing.

SDG Scorecard

Sustainability reports
Annual reports
Website, blog, articles
Schools: curriculums

SDG Mindset

The key focus points of the organisation compared to UN Sustainable Development Goals

ESG commitments, strategy work

What are others reporting? How well do our reports include SDG themes? Are we concentrating on our strategic SDGs?


The integration

The integration of the AI operations to any system is done via REST API for ensuring cost effective and reliable operation. Headai’s AI services are ready to operate – no time consuming R&D or AI training periods needed. Our experts will help you find the most suitable solution from our comprehensive API library.

What are the benefits of Headai’s Cognitive AI compared to Deep Learning applications?

Green AI

Uses only a fraction of energy compared to Deep Learning solutions.

Cognitive reasoning

Enables complex tasks like reasoning with controversial and/or incomplete information


The AI results can easily be explained – there are no black boxes.

Ready to operate

Operates straight away, even with insufficient data and changing conditions. DL applications are sensitive to changes and require a massive amount of training.

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Customer Stories


Discover how the customers gain benefits from our navigation tools for human capital

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