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Headai Wishes You A Happy Summer!

Leap closer to a Europe

As we approach the summer holidays and halfway through 2023, Headai wants to thank you for being our valued customer and partner. The past spring has been an exciting and fruitful time growing with our partners and collaborators to colour the world of data. Before fully immersing ourselves in the summer spirit, let’s take a moment to revisit some of the highlights of the spring season.



Taking a leap closer to a European Space for Skills Data

As we are working toward the goals of the DS4Skills initiative, we celebrate the start of a new EU-funded project, Prometheus-X, that aims to Build the Skills Data Space of Tomorrow.

EDGE-skills is a groundbreaking project that aims to build the Skills Data Space within the GAIA-X framework. As a founding partner of this initiative, we are excited to be part of shaping EU-level initiatives for data interoperability.

The project welcomes submissions of data and/or services as well as ecosystem projects on which the community will work from anyone, so contact us with any ideas, thoughts or questions you may have! A warm welcome to new members and organisations eager to contribute to our pioneering work in building a cutting-edge skills data space in Finland.

In other EU news, the Advisory Board of the DS4Skills Initiative met in June week in Brussels to discuss the future of skills and education data and its crucial role in the European market.

Events, speeches, webinars and more!

This spring has been an exciting time at Headai in terms of events, ranging from podcasts to webinars and speeches at events. In total, we have participated or spoken at over 25 events over the six months, a few of which deserve specific mentions. Thank you for joining us for these sessions and for all the inspiring discussions we had with you this spring!


A highlight of the season was our webinar on “How to Use Organisational Skills Inventories and AI to Boost Your Talent Development Strategy?”, hosted together with LinkedIn and Lightcast. If you missed it, this webinar is also available on YouTube!

The spring was kicked off in March with a webinar hosted by Headai and the region of South Ostrobothnia as a part of the Ketterää osaamista (agile skills) initiative on the role of AI in predicting and recognising present and future skills. The webinar (in Finnish), is available on Headai’s YouTuber channel.

MyData conference 2023 was hosted for the 7th time in Helsinki on the topics of human-centric personal data management


As a partner of the event, Headai took part in several panel discussions and workshops, with notably our CEO Harri Ketamo delivering a keynote speech on the role of language models in solving personal data interoperability.We met many new people at our booth and had many inspiring conversations!

At the same event, DS4Skills also received validation from global MyData participants, while Finnish actors in the skills data space shared their knowledge with local employment ecosystems and kickstarted the development of a national skills data space, all bringing confirmation of the current relevance of a strong focus on skills data.

A deeper dive into skills data and curriculum development with Headai

While Headai’s language analysis and mapping tool has endless applications in a number of fields, many of our partnerships this spring and beyond have had a specific interest in its use for skills mapping.

Skills data provides a data-driven tool for organisational development by combining large, interoperable data sets enabling organisations to make more informed decisions about talent development, career planning, and curriculum design on both strategic and executive levels and ensure they stay relevant and competitive.

The strength of AI-enabled solutions lies in the ability to make texts contextually interoperable to solve the labour market mismatch problem at the local, country, industry, or global level, and prepare demand-driven talent and skills development interventions at scale in a transparent, explainable, and machine-readable format, with high security and privacy.

One application of such skills data research has been in developing curricula. By analysing both an educational institution’s curriculum and the needs of the labour market, Headai has been able to pinpoint gaps to assist educational institutions in developing more agile curricula that adapt to the needs of today’s quickly changing labour market.

Our work in this field both locally and globally displays the diverse application of Headai’s tool regardless of scale, industry or context. To read more about skills data and its application in curriculum development, head over to our blog posts on Why we need to talk about skills data and How AI is transforming curriculum development.

Do you want to see a naked language model?

Headai’s data analysis tool is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), a computer-enabled method for analysing language. More specifically, Headai’s solution utilises AI and machine learning to aggregate large numbers of textual datasets and create transparent models based on these to visualise and analyse patterns in the data. This spring, Headai’s tool has become even more accessible and widely applicable than before with the launch of the Beta version of Headai Graphmind.


Via our platform, our clients and partners have the opportunity to explore existing datasets and import their own to create language maps and analyses between datasets. Headai Graphmind is currently in its beta phase, and you can test it for free for 14 days.

This spring has been full of excitement for us at Headai, and we would like to thank all of our clients and partners for your contribution and work together with us in the past months.

We are excited to continue colouring the world of data and innovating together, but before that, we want to wish everyone a wonderful and recharging summer season!

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