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Scale automated qualitative analytics with textual data on any SaaS platform through Headai API

Headai API offers powerful NLP & ML operations on unstructured textual data in any language. The API can be easily integrated into any business applications and the output data is available in JSON format. It supports various types of languages, locations, ontologies, and many other useful filtering parameters which make it unique from other competitor solutions in the market. It enables interoperability on any textual data, even if it is fragmented, unstructured natural language, giving multiple possibilities for simulations


If you want to take a quick look at our main APIs, visit the API Main Page. Some of the endpoints are presented below. 

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Text To Keywords

Categorizes texts based on the chosen language model. Finds meaningful and valid themes and concepts from datasets in natural language.

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Text To Statistics

Gives insights to labor market demand based on chosen filters, e.g. dataset and clusters.

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Text To Mindmaps

Helps visualizing the word relations in textual data. Helps in creating concept maps from text masses.


  • Gap analysis
    Decision making based on simulating data sets (click for example case)

  • Scoring the text sets
    Investments, recruitments, qualitative optimization in general

  • KPI analysis & qualitative balanced scorecards
    Measure qualitative factors of production based on documents and reports

  • Labeling, extending and organizing data
    Automated keywords, topic extensions, context-relevant suggestions

  • Searching signals/black swans
    Future studies, fraud detection

  • Text-based predictive analytics
    How to earn more, how to progress in career, where to locate a new offic

Read The Case Examples

Gap Analysis: Kenyan Labor Markets & Education
AI Soring: Dealflow to connect Investors & Companies
Qualitative KPIs: SDG Scorecards
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