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Greetings from Paris – groundbreaking Prometheus X for people, companies, and education providers

On January 24, 2024, the European Data Space for Growth and Education was officially launched in Paris, with Headai actively participating in this innovative initiative. Prometheus-X is leading the executive phase of developing practical solutions to streamline data exchange for assessing individual skills, facilitating education, training, and reskilling efforts for future job opportunities. It is part of an international effort to shape the future of European Data Spaces in Education, Reskilling, and Upskilling.

This initiative is part of a larger international effort dedicated to shaping the future landscape of European Data Spaces, particularly in the realm of education, reskilling, and upskilling. Headai as a founding partner of this initiative, our CEO Harri Ketamo and CBO Anu Passi-Rauste participated in a two-day workshop and the public launch of the European Data Space for Growth and Education in Paris.

Within our Data Space for Growth and Education, we are committed to providing a comprehensive array of building blocks and catalog products. These components are strategically designed to work together, aiming to enhance skills, talent improvement, and education. Ultimately, the overarching objective is to contribute to sustainable economic growth throughout Europe. - Harri Ketamo

The European data strategy is poised to yield numerous positive outcomes for European citizens. Therefore, those involved in constructing European data spaces must be invested in fostering sustainable businesses. This commitment ensures that the building blocks and infrastructure developed during the project's initial stages are effectively implemented in the real world. The initiative is poised to make a lasting impact, shaping the future of data utilization in education and contributing to a more sustainable and informed society. To hear more about pilots and use cases in the Prometheus-X initiative, contact Anu Passi-Rauste at

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