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Thinking and acting locally, expanding internationally

How to expand abroad with no money, no connections, and no local language

Anu Passi-Rauste, CMO of Headai, visited a podcast hosted by Rasmus Basilier to speak about our marketing efforts and especially, how do we do our customer acquisition. Listen the episode below.

About Scale With Sales On Scale With Sales, Rasmus Basilier, a sales coach and mentor of 100+ companies explores how startups managed to scale, found their own sales methods, and shares his personal insights on how B2B magical sales results are delivered. Rasmus's guests are top startup founders and sales professionals, who have mastered the art of sales, sales language, and established effective sales and marketing funnels. Join Euroscalers to learn how to establish an effective sales process in less than 9 weeks

About Headai Headai is a Finnish technology company developing a cognitive AI engine powering economic growth. We help organizations succeed in a rapidly changing future by helping them find answers in large amounts of data that they can’t otherwise see. Our algorithms enable seeing the big picture in scattered data by revealing unknown connections and even explaining why they exist. Our technology is 100% Headai IP, based on over 20 years of experience in the cognitive and computational sciences.

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