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While robotisation is automating manual tasks, Headai is developing teachable software robots (bots) to automate various everyday intellectual jobs. These bots are fast learners, interactive and reliable assistants. They can boost data discovery, help to make better decisions on data, automate complex business processes and much more.

Semantic neurocomputing

Headai´s solution is a combination of semantic neurocomputing and learning algorithms following human behaviour. The bots use unstructured or given data to create semantic neural networks which can offer up to 1000 x more deep insight compared to traditional ontologies.

Research pioneers

Our technology is based on a decade of research work on Learning Sciences, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence (AI). A perfect blend of cognitive psychology, machine learning and semantic computing creates the foundation of artificial labour.

About us

Extensive research work in cognitive science and AI combined with executive level business intelligence has established the corner stone of Headai business. The company´s main focus is on building groundbreaking software robots for different kinds of intellectual tasks. The target market is in corporate learning and also in automating various types of repetitive business processes. Headai Ltd was founded by Harri Ketamo and Marko Laiho in 2015.

Headai produces highly versatile artificial labour. One bot can help a company in discovering and gaining valuable insight from data. Another one can work as a personal assistant, visualizing competences and learning on a subject chosen by its owner. The bots use self-organizing semantic networks to collect insight from data. The user can teach them to take care of several intellectual jobs. Our vision is to grow Headai solution to cover multiple industries and automate one billion tasks in next five years.


From Big Data

Dynamic semantic network

Semantic neural networks link together information from chosen sources, such as archive, files, registry or Internet itself in form of self-organising entities. The use of multiple sources of information enables understanding the big picture.

Headai artificial intelligence

The Headai robot can organize the information, show mutual relatedness, learn the strong connections between unstructured data and allow wider exploration on a subject. It also enables full cross-promotion between old and new content.

insight graph

Empowering discoveries and insight

As a result the Headai solution can help user to find interesting and unexpected content, make right choices, assist in work, gain time by enhancing efficiency, engage and activate the potential audience among many other possibilities.


The big difference

dynamic neuro web

Visual dynamic maps open an exhilarating way to discover relevant data. Headai solution works in any language; it enables fair and instant comparison of information from all sources, continents and cultures. The system does not require any extensive investments and is secure and risk-free to use.

traditional neural network

The difference between typical indexed mapping and semantic neural network is obvious. Typical index mapping is hierarchical 1:1, 1:n up to tens, keyword level matching while Semantic Dynamic n:n, up to 1000’s, connecting all words together. Semantic neural networks link information about mutual relatedness concerning the topic, which allows exploration of wider information than index mapping.

Products and services

Headai is offering teachable software robots (”bots”) to automate selected everyday business operations as a cloud service. Bots learn the work context via unstructured data and further teaching done by human. Each bot gets an individual view on tasks based on teaching and feedback given by the owner.

The taught knowledge and behavior has been applied in several cognitively challenging tasks. See our samples of bots in real world use.



Acts as an assistant teacher for globally published MOOCs. Visualizes the best paths for optimal learning. Assists learner not just about her/his strengths and challenges but also predicts next topic to be under a focus.

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Assists in discovering relevant and interesting content. Bot includes not just desired data but also relevant and unexpected information typically not considered, understood or seen by human.



Bot proactively categorises information from various sources based on personal interest. One can teach multiple bots to react on different news or simply to catch surprises. This bot is a real time saver and lets one to focus on productive tasks.

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Microcompetencies uses Headai cognitive artificial intelligence to curate, analyse and visualise human expertise based on big data. It enables complex but still detailed skills overviews and skills maps available to everyone, easy to research and discover.



Let´s work together to accelerate your business. Contact us to discuss about the endless possibilities how your business can benefit from AI assisted operations!

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harri ketamo

Harri Ketamo

Chairman Of The Board, Founder

+358 50 528 5006

Chief scientist, Strategy

Marko Laiho

CEO, Founder

+358 40 5678 300

Business and technology executive

marko laiho
jari savinainen

Jari Savinainen

Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud platform development

Teppo Hjelt

Senior Software Engineer

Software development, NLP

teppo hjelt


Artificial labour

Multitalented Assistant

Headai bot

Antti Koivisto

Lead Software Developer

Co-founder, Backend development

antti koivisto
eero hammais

Eero Hammais

Product Manager

Customer relations, product development

Simo Santavirta

Creative Director

The look & feel of the products and brand

simo santavirta
anu passi-rauste

Anu Passi-Rauste

Head of business development, Americas

Business development, Customer relations

Miska Niemi

Software Engineer

Backend development

miska niemi

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