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How does your conference program match the SDG goals?

Headai has semantically modeled The 17 sustainable development goals with the help of definitions, indicators and example measures produced by the UN. The found connections of the ITK conference program to the goals of sustainable development indicate that we are actually talking about the right things in terms of the UN 2030 goals at the ITK conference. The modeling does not force us to do the right actions, but it makes visible what we speak and write. The goal is that every ITK visitor can take right actions toward the kind of teaching and research that meets the UN goals: pay attention to what is missing and take actions that lead to better SDG relevance. Harri Ketamo, Founder & Chairman of Headai will showcase the automated SDG scorecards for ITK conference in a starting event of the autumn ITK webinar series in 18 Aug. The webinar will be held in Finnish. Discover the SDG scorecard for the ITK Conference. Watch the presentation by Harri Ketamo (in Finnish).

ITK Conference ITK Conference is the Finland's largest digital education and learning event which has over 30-year history. This year, it will be held in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna, in October.

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