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The data economy is already here - let’s make it fair

Leveraging AI to transform raw data into foresight, we're not just predicting the future; we're preparing for it.

Headai has initiated a pilot cooperation project Trusted Ecosystem for Skills Foresight with Sitra, the American company Lightcast, the French company Visions, and the Finnish company ABB Oy. The goal of the cooperation project is to develop a data space application.

Data Festival 2024

The pilot project for building a data space application

The pilot started in January 2024 and will be completed in May 2024. The cooperation project involves building on the existing structures of a Gaia-X-compliant data space. The goal is to promote data sharing across different data sources and external data related to skills.

”In the application being developed, we combine licensed data to create a future scenario for ABB in their chosen application areas”, Anu Passi-Rauste from Headai explains. ”This is valuable because, for the first time, we can get many different data moving through Data Connector and consent principles. This way, we can use licensed data sources to build data models that end up in customer use within the ecosystem through precisely crafted digital agreements.”

This cooperation project as a prototype fully reflects the essence of the data economy:

  • How to identify the permitted boundaries of data usage

  • Money movement within the ecosystem

  • Data usage rights

  • Ensuring the validity of foresight results

We know what the results are based on and we know precisely the data's origin, contractual terms, and exchange mechanisms. The project emphasizes the key elements of the data economy: rules, principles, transparency, and understanding of how things are composed, including algorithms.

To gain future foresight

This cooperation project functions also as a user case, the client being ABB Oy. The value for ABB Oy is the foresight for skills. By creating a data space for data flowing and AI tools the company will be able to predict a company’s future skills needs.

The ultimate goal is to create a solution that can benchmark and learn from an organisation’s real-time data, comparing it to leading skills in the sector. This will enable the company to predict its future skills needs for the next one, three, or five years ahead. As a result, the company gains foresight that can be translated into actionable human capital, resource and skills development planning. This pilot cooperation project is just a preview, but the data economy is already here. The data economy is influencing our operations. The data economy does not aim to distribute data as cheaply or freely as possible but focuses on the importance of rules, principles, and transparency in data usage and sharing.


Nordic data festival, meet us there and hear more.

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