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Meet Headai at Slush 2019

Meet Headai at Slush

Team Headai showcasing a brand new, Headai-made AI-powered investor –company matching tool for Dealflow at Finlandworks booth on Friday 22 from 8.30 am to 1 pm.

Headai’s Harri Ketamo, Anu Passi-Rauste, and Marko Laiho at Slush19, Helsinki.

Slush 2019, day number 2 is getting started. Headai booth can be found on the department 6D.9, today between 8.30 and 13.00. Welcome!

Team Headai lets the visitors take a sneak peek under the hood to see, how does our AI support – a Business-Finland-made platform for finding investment targets in Finland.

Explore the social media: @headaiofficial #finlandworks @SlushHQ #ExplainableAI #NoMagicJustScience

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