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JCI Pori Reputation Deed

Headai collected the annual JCI Pori Reputation Deed Price at Puuvilla Shopping Centre. Headai's Communications Manager Eero Hammais and COO Marko Laiho entered the stage to pick the heavy-weight trophy.

The recognition is intended to make people aware of how much technological know-how there is in Pori and especially with regard to artificial intelligence. Bringing out new innovations and success stories, supports the development of local business life and also attracts new innovation companies to settle in Pori. HeadAI's technology takes us into a new era and shows that strong technological know-how can also be found nearby.–Samuli Metsämarttila, President of the Pori Junior Chamber International in 2019

Read more at JCI Pori webpage (in Finnish) and Radio Pori news article (in Finninsh).

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