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Headai implements AI-driven CV Parser for Codemen's Caleo

Headai supports making the skills and competencies visible and measurable. Our collaboration with Codemen Oy is a great example of how AI can strengthen our partners’ solutions.

In this case, we implemented a CV parser for Codemen’s Caleo system. The parser automates the identification of expertise from different kinds of CVs. At the same time, the importing of experts to Caleo is automated. The Headai technology recognizes skills from different texts extensively and, with the help of artificial intelligence, also suggests skills that one may not have realized to tell about himself/herself. This information is utilized in Caleo to help the professionals and the companies.

Jari Savinainen, who was responsible for the development work on Headai's side, sums up the matter:

"During the development process, it has become clear that there is a lot of use for this kind of tool. With the help of the CV parser, people improve their own visibility and companies find a better workforce to suit their needs."

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