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Fake News, Fake Data

Harri Ketamo to speak at AI Monday on 16th of December at Oodi – Helsinki Central Library. The last AI Monday of the year 2019 — let’s talk fake.

Fake data created an uproar after another with elections meddling, deep fakes, fake identities. In this edition of AI Monday, we will have a look at cybersecurity, learn about a solution that brings the accuracy of facts to debates and more.– Taival, event description at Eventbrite

AI Monday is a monthly networking event for those who are interested in AI. The aim is to share AI-knowledge and encourage organizations to initiate their change journeys.

The upcoming event: Fake news, Fake data, on 16 December 16:30–18:30 at Maijansali (Presentations will start at 17:00)


Harri Ketamo, HeadAI Matti Suominen, Nixu Petra Piitulainen-Ramsay, Faktabaari

On Twitter:

Are you sure this #AIMonday announcement is not fake? 🤔We are. This AI Monday: Fake news, Fake data.Join us on 16.12 to hear speakers from @headaiofficial, @NixuTigerTeam and @Faktabaari.Register for free without SMS through this 100% legit link:— Taival (@taival_) December 3, 2019

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