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An Event With Four Concrete Cases On Skills Data by Headai

Technology Industries of Finland will publish the Skills Data Playbook covering Headai solutions on Apr 29.

In the spring of 2020, the Technology Industries of Finland  set out to build a new study on the expert needs of technology industry companies. They decided to harness Headai technology to help anticipate the needs for skills and competencies. A series of experiments based on skills data was done:

Case 1: Skills Pulse – anticipating the skills needs of the technology industry.Case 2: Skills Data Accelerator – data to assist in the strategic management of competence in companies. Link to blog in Finnish.Case 3: AI and skills data as a basis for foresight dialogue in the development of educationCase 4: A gamified solution for identifying skills mismatch for individuals

These cases were wrapped up into a playbook that will be published on Friday, April 29th at 9 am in Eteläranta and online (duration approx. 45 min). The event is held in Finnish. Register here. Anu Passi-Rauste will be the representative of Headai in the event showcasing our solution.

Read our blog about the AI-powered skills mapping that enabled Skills Pulse (Osaamispulssi). It shows that technology industries, Finland’s largest export sector, needs 130,000 new experts within 10 years, 13,300 annually.

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